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Jidobox is the accounting and financial consultancy firm supporting Startups and SMEs. We’re in this to help you succeed in your business via accounting & finance

Specialised in Startup & SME Accounting and Finance

Startups or SMEs?

Startups are the ones crazy about scaling business. They normally take risks more and involve external investors to scale the businesses super first. For business growth, they do not mind to make loss. Quite often techie companies.

By contrast, SMEs are the ones operating businesses in self-sustainable ways. They are pursuing revenue growth and profitability concurrently. Profitable SMEs are hidden jams, although they are not on media. Possibly tech companies and traditional businesses. 

ACCounting or finance?

“Accounting” is mainly to deal with actual performance figures. Recording transactions on books, creating financial statements and compiling financial reports for filing AR and tax. Collecting figures to analyse performance is part of accounting too.

“Finance” is forward looking financial planning and activities. Budgeting, Financial Modelling, Cap-table Planning are typical ones. Activities like Fundraising (sourcing investors, due diligence, documentation etc), Bank Borrowing and Exit (trade sales) or Acquisitions are included in the word finance.

Jidobox supports all

As founders experienced all of these, we do all. Anything related to accounting or finance, no matter whether you are Startup or SME, just talk to us!

Our Services

Accounting & Financial Consulting Services

If you have trouble with anything, or if you’d like to upgrade your company in accounting and finance capability, we will help you as if CFO of your company

sStatutory Accounting

Accounting for AGM & AR

For AGM, companies need to prepare financial statements every year and then, AR filing. On behalf of you, we take care of all the necessary works such as compilation of financial statements, unaudited report,XBRL report creation.

Management Accounting

For Better Performance

Management accounting is for better performance in business. Knowing how much was earned, which cost increases and  which action caused how much change in revenue gives you big hints to think what to do next. From monthly bookkeeping to designing KPI management, we support your management accounting.


Filing and planning Tax

Corporate tax, withholding tax, employee tax clearance, GST, etc etc. There are many taxes to be properly filed. As tax filing causes cash flow issue and penalty if you are not aware such taxes, we handle your tax filings and planning with attention.

Financial strategy

Planning Finance

Financial strategy is forward looking planning. Budgeting and Financial Modelling are typical issues we tackle. These are extremely important when you are going to plan fundraising or going to invest large sum in.

Fundraising execution

With Deep Expertise

In most of cases, founders are not experienced in fund raising so much. As a result, it is not easy to go through the process successfully even when you found an investor keen on your company. We take over parts require expertise such as due diligence handling and documentation with lawyers / secretaries.

Other Services

Anything We Can Do

Other fields next to us are also where clients engage us. Secretarial works:Company Secretary, Incorporation, Filing with Acra, are one of them. Another is more operational support such as handling invoices/bills. By engaging us, you can enjoy domain knowledge without headache of hiring.

How Jidobox works?

How does Jidobox determine the price of services?

Our pricing policy in one word is “Transparency”. We try to quote the charges as accurate as possible.

In accounting services, normally determinant factors are Volume and Complexity. If you have more transactions on bank statements, more Volume. If your financial statements require additional consideration to judge how to present or bookkeeping process require a lot of computation, more Complex.

In consulting services, we compute based on the time spent on the works for you.


Would Jidobox be able to help in audit?

Yes we can.

If you do not know an auditor, we can introduce an audit firm with whom we worked for the other projects. Regardless, the audit firm will perform the audit without being influenced by the relationship. Hence, all quotations for the audit fee will be from the audit firm directly to you.

What Jidobox will help in the audit process is that Jidobox can behave as if part of your team. We communicate with the auditor on behalf of you and manage data submission to them and answer questions from the auditor.

Does Jidobox support "on the ground level"?


We do provide consulting at “high level financial strategy” such as planning for fundraising over years till the exit, multiple year financial projection with financial modelling.

At the same time, we know many startups require help in execution. There are many to be done in financial management such as managing cashflow including payment coordination, finishing up due diligence and sometimes all paper works. Handling such may be different if you have knowledge and experience. That’s where we can cut in and get our hands dirty to solve issues / complete tasks smoothly. 



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Jidobox is the partner of Startups and SMEs

Our mission is to be your partner who help you to pursue your passion, ambition and dream as well as who help you to fight with issues you are facing. Accounting and Finance are great tool to make your business solid and powerful. Let’s make your business greater together 🙂